We offer Medical Consultation and Management for Filariasis and general practice

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Medical Doctor, Epidemiologist and Researcher
Head of clinical unit, Higher Institute for Scientific and Medical Research (ISM)

The ISM medical center will have several important roles in providing healthcare. Here are some of the key roles that ISM can provide:

  1. Providing basic medical care: Offering basic medical care to treat a range of common illnesses and health problems. This may include regular health checkups, consultations with general practitioners, and prescription of medications.

  2. Offering diagnostic services: Performing diagnostic tests to help identify illnesses and health problems in patients. This may include laboratory tests, X-rays, and ultrasounds.

  3. Dispensing preventative care: Offering preventative care programs such as vaccination, cancer screening, women’s health monitoring, and management of diabetes and other chronic diseases.

  4. Providing health education: Providing health education to help patients better understand their health and make informed decisions about healthcare. This may include advice on nutrition, exercise, stress management, and disease prevention.

  5. Coordinating care: Coordinating care for patients who require care from multiple healthcare professionals. This may include coordinating care between doctors, specialists, nurses, and social workers.

  6. Managing emergencies: Providing emergency services for patients who require immediate medical attention. This may include management of heart attacks, strokes, severe allergies, and other medical emergencies.


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