Medical Entomology

Supervisor: Dr. Philippe Nwane

The role of ISM in the entomological field is to evaluate community-based vector control to complement chemoprevention in onchocerciasis persisting areas. We also work with Ministry of Public Health through National Program of Onchocerciasis and Lymphatic Filariasis (LF), to evaluate onchocerciasis/LF transmission in endemic areas using parasitological (dissection) and molecular technics (pool screening/xenomonitoring). With the National control Program of Trypanosomiasis, we are working also to characterize Trypanosoma sp parasites and vectors and to evaluate the risk of transmission in Cameroon historic focus. In addition, given that there is no treatment for loiasis, we are conducting studies with the aim to develop and evaluate effectiveness trap that can be use for Chrysops control.

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