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Higher Institite for Scientific and Medical Research (ISM), better known as CRFilMT, is a Cameroonian non-profit association working in the field of health. It was created in 2005 by Joseph KAMGNO, Professor of Epidemiology and Head of the Department of Public Health at the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (FMSB) of the University of Yaoundé I, to put biomedical research at the service of the fight against tropical diseases, in particular filariasis.

Our Missions

ISM aims to contribute to the solution of health problems through applied scientific research. Our main missions, among others, are to :

  • Develop a system for monitoring, preventing and managing serious side effects (SSEs) following mass treatment campaigns with ivermectin (Mectizan®) for onchocerciasis
  • To provide quality training to health personnel in the surveillance, prevention and management of serious adverse events (SAEs), and monitoring and evaluation of neglected tropical disease control
  • Conducting research activities on tropical infections, in particular neglected tropical diseases (NTDs)

ISM Laboratory Functioning

Lab Coordinator: Hugues Nana Djeunga

The ISM laboratory is organized into three main platforms: Basic Parasitology, Immunobiology and Molecular Biology.

In addition to these main platforms, a cold chain, a stock  for supplies management and waste management systems (with dedicated persons in charge) have been set up for optimal functioning of ISM laboratory.

All the staff of these different platforms are trained (with certificates) for Good Laboratory and Good Clinical Laboratory Practices (GCLP). Trainings on biosafety are ongoing.

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Some of our Awards and Recognitions

* In 2022, Professor JOSEPH KAMGNO received the prestigious Christophe Mérieux Prize.

* In 2020, researchers from ISM (with the name CRFilMT) received the first prize at the NTD Innovation Award for the development of a non-invasive tool for the diagnosis of onchocerciasis.

* In 2015, ISM (with the name CRFilMT) received the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Science and Technology Award for its contribution to the socio-economic development of Cameroon.

* In 2009, ISM (with the name CRFilMT) received the official token of appreciation from the Minister of Public Health of Cameroon for its contribution to the fight against tropical diseases.

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