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All our activities are focused on 7 distinct departments


The basic parasitology platform is a research laboratory at ISM, specialized in medical parasitology, especially for tropical diseases. The activities are based on laboratory diagnosis in support of ISM clinical and research activities, as well as training of students from various universities and training schools.

Molecular biology and bioinformatics

The molecular biology platform activities are based on molecular diagnostic, molecular entomology, as well as population genetics and bioinformatics. The activities of this platform primarily focus on research of molecular markers for the acute detection of various pathogens, including parasites and viruses.


The Immunobiology Platform of the ISM Lab is a newly created platform still under development. Our mission is to use immunobiology as tool to fight against infectious diseases by Identifying and validating immunological markers of infectious diseases and by contributing to the understanding of Immunity and Pathogenesis of infectious diseases

Medical entomology

The role of ISM in the entomological field is to evaluate community-based vector control to complement chemoprevention in onchocerciasis persisting areas.

Data and Computer Sciences

The IT department is responsible for the intranet, maintenance of the IT equipment, and development of IT solutions.

Epidemiology and Biostatistic

Epidemiology and biostatistics play a key role in medical research and public health by contributing to the evaluation of disease risks, the design and analysis of research studies, as well as the interpretation of data to assist in public health decision-making.

Social Sciences

The Department of Social Sciences at ISM brings together researchers who are interested in problems that cut across the different social and behavioural sciences, including problems related to the humanities and natural sciences. We encourage multidisciplinary collaboration among these scholars as they work on important social issues that are difficult to fully address within a given discipline.

Medical center

The ISM medical center will have several important roles in providing healthcare.

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